“For years, lower back pain was my #1 excuse for not consistently working out like I should. In a few short, supportive conversations, Shannon showed me that most of my back problems were self-inflicted. With her upbeat, persistent coaching, I attained a workout regimen that I have been able to sustain for more than a year. No more excuses! Thanks Shannon.”
— John Bissell, President & CEO, Greylock Federal Credit Union

Shannon came to my office to perform a “Yoga at your desk” workshop, and everyone loved it! I sit at my desk 45+ hours a week, so the routines that she taught us are invaluable. When I’m feeling “stuck” at my desk, I turn to one (or a few) of her exercises and I immediately feel less stressed, refocused, and energized. I couldn’t be a bigger advocate for Shannon and her program!
— Stephen Oldfield, Director of Client Services, Research Results, Inc.